How can you help

1. Help us in Nepal

Are you a doctor or do you have other medical experience? We are constantly on the search for eye doctors and helpers to prepare and help in the next eye camps. Do contact us in order to receive more information and organise your visit. We are also very interested to hear from other practitioners, especially pediatrists for our upcoming street children project. However, any other specialization is also greatly welcomed, for instance, dentists, general practitioners , otorhinolaryngologists and gynaecologists. 


Please email us at 

2. Become a sponsor

School sponsors: In the Women's House and in other related institutions there are always girls waiting for a sponsor to be able to go to school. Each person counts !


University sponsors: Our newest project now enables you to make a young persons dream come true: With your help ambitious students are able to go to university and follow the careers they wish. This sponsorship even helps multiple times: the money is given to the students as a loan. Thus, when they earn enough money they will be oblique to pay back the loan, directly enabling a successor to take up the space and take a degree. This burden of paying back the loan however only takes place if the student earns enough money - therefore, it will never place the former student in debt spiral. 

3. Donate


Sparkasse Westmünsterland

Konto: 37.142.353

BLZ: 40 1545 30


IBAN: DE20 4015 4530 0037 1423 53

Please note: Should you want to donate the money for one of the three specific projects, please make sure to indicate this in the heading. 

Other ways to donate will follow shortly !

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